With our In-House option, you tell us your Records Management training needs, and we will plan an agenda to address the issues that matter most to the specific class of staff to be trained.

Every In-House Training session is different – we customize each training to suit you. Our in-house courses run from short one- hour executive briefing sessions through to extensive 1, 2 to 5 day workshops covering all aspects of records management.

Please contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.


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Available Courses

  1. Managing Electronic Records – challenges and solutions
  2. Records Management Compliance in organizations.
  3. Managing Records in a Hybrid Office Environment.
  4. Managing Financial and Accounting Records.
  5. Managing Records in a Modern Office Environment.
  6. Legal Issues and Responsibilities in Records Management.
  7. Records Management Awareness workshop for executives and senior management.
  8. Managing HR Records: Personnel files and records generated by HR functions.
  9. Records Disasters Prevention and Recovery.
  10. Information Security, Business Continuity and Disaster Planning.
  11. Best Practices in Files Management.
  12. Digital Archiving – Scanning for easy storage and retrieval.
  13. Records Management and Aspects of Office Administration.
  14. Managing Dormant Records-Records Centres/Archives.
  15. Registry Management and Secrets to Effective Filing.
  16. Records Management Policies and procedures awareness and implementation.
  17. Hospital Records Management-Managing Patient Casenotes and related records.
  18. Managing Electronic Health Records.

If any of our courses look interesting, why not take the opportunity to have them tailored to suit your specific requirements? We will discuss the learning outcomes you want to achieve, and then tailor the course to meet them.

To register for any of the courses, please send email to us on, or

Other Highlights

Electronic and Document & Records Management Software(EDRMS)

We also deploy Records and Document Management Softwares which are easy- to- use and which will simplify your work and yield efficiency.

Establishing Archives We establish new archives/records centers or even upgrade / improve upon existing ones with modern features, at cheaper costs.